How to build the Architect Smurf’s Hut? The Architect Smurf Hut is located in the Smurf Island and requires 2 things i.e. an idle Smurf to build this structure and that you must have already upgraded your Handy’s Workshop Hut back on your main Smurfs Village.

If your having difficulty upgrading your Handy’s Workshop, look for Papa Smurf. Most likely you have outstanding quests that need to be completed before this new quest can be triggered. When you start the string of quests for Handy’s Workshop upgrade, Papa Smurf will present you a lot of quests so you really need to be patient and complete them. Once you have, your Handy’s Workshop Hut should look like like this :-


A lot of people get stuck here and have asked us these same questions, hence the reason for this post.

Once this is done, you will be able to build your Architect’s Smurf Hut. In your tab, you will see the number of Dyes available on 3 colors which you may color your Smurf Huts with i.e. Blue color ( 2 dyes required ), red color ( 1 dye required ) and White ( 3 dyes required ).

Also, there will be an option to access the Hut Customization Menu similar your Handy’s Workshop but note that there are more options available on the Smurf Island. For more on this, please refer to our previous post.